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Here is what some of our other clients have said about SchoolKidsLawyer.com:

“My child’s IEP meeting was literally the best I ever had.  I put together an excellent parental concerns letter thanks to SchoolKidsLawyer’s book and consulting with Mr. Thurston by phone. Thanks for your help.”

Meredith F.

“Robert Thurston is definitely the person to see about special education law. His caring and compassionate personality truly helps to see what the problems are and offers up several solutions for you to decide what is best for your situation. He is very knowledgeable in his fields of study and I would HIGHLY recommend his services.”

Courtney P.

“Rob helped me with my son’s special education case. I could never thank him enough. He changed the course of my son’s life. Truly.”

Cindy H.

[From a parent who fought her daughter’s case all the way through to the federal court]

“Thank you so much for agreeing to assist me with this matter. Without you we would not have accomplished as much as we did. Thank you!!!!Thank you!!!!Thank you!!!!”

Joan A.

 “Just wanted to share this with you about [my child] and the YALE school. Thank you!”

Scholarship Awarded to Manayunk Student With Asperger’s

[SchoolKidsLawyer.com assisted mom in getting child scholarship in lieu of fighting a special ed legal battle with the Philadelphia School District]

Melissa B.

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