SchoolKidslawyer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Special Education Law – 2nd Edition

Do you have a school age child with a disability?
Are you frustrated with the school’s handling of your child’s education?
Do you know your and your child’s legal rights in school?

You need:

SchoolKidsLawyer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Special Education Law – 2nd Edition

  • UPDATED! with new content including disciplinary issues, transition, guardianship, and more! MORE AFFORDABLE TOO!
  • 262 pages with Forms, Links, and Helpful Tips
  • Clear explanation of your rights and how the law works
  • Applies to all 50 states, D.C., and U.S. territories
  • Saves you $$$$$$$$

It is an indispensible guide for anyone working in the special education arena, including parents, advocates, lawyers, teachers, and school administrators.

The book explains:

  • How a child becomes eligible for special education
  • How to get access to services and therapies in school
  • Parents’ rights to review their child’s school file
  • What to do if a child’s legal rights are violated
  • What to do in an IEP meeting
  • What are your options if there is a dispute between the parent and the school district
  • Insights and strategies that attorneys and advocates use

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