Getting Schools to Use “Dyslexia” in IEPs Handouts – Facets of Dyslexia Conference

Thank you for requesting the handouts from the Presentation from the Facets of Dyslexia Conference on April 21, 2018 on Getting Schools to Use “Dyslexia” in IEPs.

You can download each of the handouts below by clicking on the link and pulling up the document or right clicking on the link and selecting “Save As”.

Presentation (PDF – 10 mb)

NJ Sample IEP (PDF – 454 kb)

USDOE OSEP Guidance letter – Dyslexia – Oct 23 2015 (PDF – 214 kb)

USDOE OSEP Guidance letter – Letter to Clarke – IEP is not just academics – Mar 8 2007 (PDF – 786 kb)

SchoolKidsLawyer’s 10 Special Education Law Tips About Dyslexia (PDF – 36 kb)

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