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2 Things Newsletter Archive

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Feb. 2017

No Confidentiality With Advocates

Transportation for Sped Kids

Jan. 2017

What is #ChildFind?

Why Federal Funding is Important

Special Edition

Recent US Dept Ed Guidance

Important Supreme Court Sped Case


Nov. 2016

Time For Guardianship?

Manifestation of Disability

Oct. 2016

Transition Into Adulthood

School Attorneys at the IEP Meeting

Sep. 2016

Education Advocates

OSEP Letter on Behavior

Aug. 2016

They're Not 'Bad Kids'

Virtual Schools and IDEA

Jul. 2016

IEE ay ay ay!

Putting the 'Stay' in Stay Put

Jun. 2016

Sped and Divorce

Discipline in School

May. 2016

Are You Exhausted?

Book Announcement

Apr. 2016

"Highly Qualified"

What is Due Process?

Mar. 2016

Extended School Year (ESY)

Going It Pro Se (or not)

Feb. 2016

FOIA Requests

Attorney's Fees Reimbursed

Jan. 2016

What to do about Bullying?

Standardized Testing - Yuck!


Dec. 2015

Least Restrictive Environment

What are my special education rights?

Nov. 2015

What is FAPE?

Acronyms Attack!

Oct. 2015

Parents on the IEP Team

What is a 504 Plan?

Sep. 2015

The 75 Day Rule

What's a FERPA?

Aug. 2015

Prior Written Notice (PWN)

New school year

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