2 Things Special Ed Law Newsletter Archive



Aug Prior Written Notice New school year
Sep 75 Day Rule What is FERPA
Oct Parents on IEP Team 504 Plan
Nov FAPE Defined Acronyms Attack!
Dec Least Restrictive Envir. Procedural Safeguards

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Jan Bullying Standardized Testing
Feb FOIA Attorney’s Fees
Mar “Summer School” / ESY Pro Se
Apr “Highly Qualified” What is Due Process?
May Exhaustion Book Announcement
Jun Sped and Divorce Manifestation Meeting
Jul IEE ay ay ay! Putting the Stay in Stay Put
Aug Functional Behavioral
Assessment (FBA)
Virtual Schools – OSEP letter
Sep Education Advocates OSEP Letter on Behavior
Oct Transition Planning SD Attorneys at IEP Mtg.
Nov Guardianship Manifestation
Dec Recent USDOE Guidance Endrew F Case (Sup Ct)

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Jan Child Find Federal Funding
Feb Advocates, No Confidentiality Transportation
Mar SKL Blog and Articles What is OSEP? OCR?
SE Endrew F Case The New “FAPE”
Apr Burden, and I Mean, Burden IEP Season All Year Round
May IEP Mtgs Make You Nervous? LAP Protecting Your Child’s ID
Jun 5 Resources to Help Summer Camp (Sped)
Jul The “IDEA Clock” Summer is Not a Sped Holiday
Aug Eligibility / Disability Categories Comp Ed Defined
Sep Your Local Special Ed Lawyer To Graduate or Not?
Oct Identifying Dyslexia in IEPs Not Just Academics
Nov The IEP Team  Parental Consent (Evals)

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