2 Things Special Ed Law Newsletter Archive


August Topics Prior Written Notice New school year
September Topics 75 Day Rule What is FERPA
October Topics Parents on IEP Team 504 Plan
November Topics FAPE Defined Acronyms Attack!
December Topics Least Restrictive Envir. Procedural Safeguards

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January Topics Bullying Standardized Testing
February Topics FOIA Attorney’s Fees
March Topics “Summer School” / ESY Pro Se
April Topics “Highly Qualified” What is Due Process?
May Topics Exhaustion Book Announcement
June Topics Sped and Divorce Manifestation Meeting
July Topics IEE ay ay ay! Putting the Stay in Stay Put
August Topics Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) Virtual Schools – OSEP letter
September Topics Education Advocates OSEP Letter on Behavior
October Topics Transition Planning SD Attorneys at IEP Mtg.
November Topics Guardianship Manifestation
December Topics Recent USDOE Guidance Endrew F Case (Sup Ct)

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January Topics Child Find Federal Funding
February Topics Advocates, No Confidentiality Transportation
March Topics SKL Blog and Articles What is OSEP? OCR?
Special Edition Endrew F Case The New “FAPE”
April Topics Burden, and I Mean, Burden IEP Season All Year Round
May Topics IEP Mtgs Make You Nervous? LAP Protecting Your Child’s ID
June Topics 5 Resources to Help Summer Camp (Sped)
July Topics The “IDEA Clock” Summer is Not a Sped Holiday
August Topics Eligibility / Disability Categories Comp Ed Defined
September Topics Your Local Special Ed Lawyer To Graduate or Not?
October Topics Identifying Dyslexia in IEPs Not Just Academics
November Topics The IEP Team  Parental Consent (Evals)
December Topics IEPs v. 504 Plans If It Ain’t In Writing . . .

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January Topics Taxpayer Paying For Fight IEP Goals
February Topics Bullying / Gebser Letter Eligibility Categories Unimportant
March Topics Evaluations v. IEP Meetings Incorrect Terminology
April Topics Superintendents at IEP Meetings Sped Law is Federal Law
May Topics HIPAA vs. FERPA The Truancy Tactic
June Topics Is Mediation a Good Option? Communication Breakdown
July Topics Talking to Teachers / ESSA Homebound Instruction
August Topics Time to Get Documents Due Process is Not WWIII
September Topics Partial Consent Federal vs. State Law?
October Topics Attorney’s Fees To Settle or Not To Settle?
November Topics The 5 Day Rule Legal Procedure
December Topics Private Placement Lawyers at IEP Meetings

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January Topics OOD, Maybe You Should Weekly vs. Annual Services
February Topics When Pro Se is Not OK Links to Hot Topics
March Topics Children at IEP Meetings Enforcing DP Decisions
April Topics Declassification CPS at Your Doorstep?
May Topics 45 Day Rule / Class Action Predetermined IEPs
June Topics Amending an IEP Not a Doctor
July Topics Impartial Hearing Officer Social Media
August Topics The Record Free Hearing Transcripts
September Topics LRE Revisited Settlement of Atty’s Fees
October Topics OPRA, not Oprah, Requests Excusals from IEP Meetings
November Topics Stopping IEP Implementation New FREE SKL Resources
December Topics OCR Complaints Outside Evaluations

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January Topics ESY Revisited Accommodations
February Topics Expertly Unfair Resources
March Topics Coronavirus Concerns Prior Written Notice (PWN)
April Topics Procedural Safeguards Discipline
May Topics Attorneys at IEP Meetings Book announcement
June Topics FAPE Re-defined DP Hearing Officers
July Topics Open DP Hearings Assessments vs. Evaluations
August Topics 30 Day Resolution Period Torts 101
September Topics Requesting Qualifications FERPA Revisited
October Topics Parental Participation The PLAAFP
November Topics FERPA Right to Amend What’s Wrong at the FPCO?
December Topics Insurance is BAD! Resources / Gift Ideas

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January Topics “Triennial” Evaluations SEA? LEA? What the Heck?
February Topics Documents First! Expert Reports
March Topics 504 and ADA Claims 4 “Standard” Evaluations
April Topics COVID and Special Ed Eligibility
May Topics Death of “Highly Qualified” Want to Sue Your School?
June Topics Test Scores – Raw v. Scaled Specific Learning Disabilities
July Topics Sped Law is Fed Law Classroom Observation